About us
Inspired by the ancient Greek Nymph, and also the Latin – American dance, I gave myself the name Calypso. I was born in the marriage of an original Paris designer and an endemic Sarajevo's manufactory of spirit. I'm an antipode to the dry cultural and economic imperialism, I do not exploit children or workers of the third world. In the native ecological ambient, I engage stylists, models, art – photographers, promoters. My commercial strategy is begin studied by Marketing – books at Universities. I cooperated with worlds famous agencies: Riccardo Gay, Fashion International, Elite, IMG and Metropolitan. I left a mark at the premier festival of music „Planet Sarajevo“at the Hippodrome Butmir in 2002. With model performances on building sites, I have supported the post – war restoration: Colors don't bite. No-no-turbo ? I have dressed famous Irina Kapetanovic, Ana Stanic, Ivana Negative, Ana – Mirjana Racanovic, and I choose the clothes for moderators on OBN, Hayat and BHT1 televisions. I offer creations in minimal series, there is no danger that you will meet a counterpart. My prices are affordable for yourself and for presents for other, dear people. You will be satisfied and you will pay me a visit again.I innovate the assortment monthly, hot hot, while at the same time I give 20% to 50% discount. I also do tiny adaptations.